IOC Sub-Commission

for the Western Pacific (WESTPAC)

WESTPAC Best Young Scientist Award

The “WESTPAC Best Young Scientist Award” was first established in 2011 at its 8th International Scientific Symposium (Busan, Republic of Korea, March 2011) in order to nurture science leaders and assist young scientists to further dedicate themselves to marine science, sustained observations and services underpinning the sustainability of ocean and coastal resources to benefit all.

As from 2011, WESTPAC selects the winners for “WESTPAC Best Young Scientist Award” at its regular WESTPAC International Scientific Symposia.

WESTPAC Best Young Scientist Award 2014

Mr Ryota Nakajima
Ms Intan Suci Nurhati
Ms Ngoc Tuyen Nguyen
Mr Toh Hii Tan
Mr Kazuya Takahashi


WESTPAC Best Young Scientist Award 2011

Ms Yajuan Song
  Mr Lutfi A. Rosli
Prof Dr Shuhei Nishida
on behalf of Mr Kenji Tsuchiya (Japan) 
Mr Truong Hai Trinh


Generic Criteria for Candidates:

As an initial attempt for WESTPAC, candidate shall meet all criteria below:

• no more than 35 years old as of the first day of the symposium taking place with his/her abstract had been accepted for this Symposium;

• had registered and presented at the Symposium;

• had applied for the Young Scientist Support Program or indicated his/her Master or PhD students status when registering.

General Process and Criteria for the Selection:

Each Candidate was ranked between 0 and 5 (5 being the best mark) based on following generic criteria:

• Quality of abstracts

• Originality, scientific importance

• Methodology

• Quality of slides, oral presentation and answers to the questions, or

• Quality of the poster, its presentation and answers to the questions

The final selection is made by the International Scientific Steering Committee for the Symposium with assistance of respective Session Chairs or Workshop Conveners.

These awards were presented by the International Scientific Steering Committee at the farewell banquet.