IOC Sub-Commission

for the Western Pacific (WESTPAC)

WG 004: Working Group on Marine Renewable Energy Technology Development (2012-2017)

1st IOC/WESTPAC Workshop on the Status of Marine Renewable Energy Technology Development in the Western Pacific held on the 16th-18th February 2012 at the Renaissance Hotel Malacca featured with 4 unique and well organized sessions, covering a wide range of topics, varying from the global overview of on 5 types of Marine Renewable energy to on-going national efforts from respective countries in the region on the marine renewable energies which were deemed potential.

The workshop believes that marine renewable energy provides a significant potential to contribute mainly to the future sustainable energy supply, reduction of present carbon emission particularly in view that the Western Pacific, the region we are living in, is of vast social and economic importance with over 70% of the population living in and relying economically on coastal areas, approximately 54% of the world's GDP generated from the region.

The workshop recognizes despite substantial progress on the development of MRET made in the world, the capacity of MRET R&D still remains low in the Western pacific, particularly SEA and pacific island countries, with various challenges being faced with, for instance, lack of sound policy environment, low level technology development, unsustainable R&D activities, conflicting use with other marine users, marketing development etc.

The workshop also stressed the need to enhance regional cooperation in the research and development of MRE in order to bring together regional experts, share the lessons and best practices, and further improve the capacity in the research and development of MRET.

To this end, the workshop decided to propose to the IOC Sub-Commission of the Western Pacific the establishment of one working group on ocean renewable energy with term of reference provided, as a regional cooperation mechanism, consisting of regional experts, to further advance R&D in marine renewable energy technology.

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